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European Wide Connectivity Network for Cloud Kitchens​

Cloud Kitchens needed a secure, compartmentalised network across their kitchens with support that covered their extended working hours.
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It's crucial that every kitchen has stable, reliable internet to ensure that the businesses based in those kitchens can keep taking orders and delivering food as efficiently as possible.

The Client

CloudKitchens is acompany that provides 'ghost kitchens' to businesses. Founded by Diego Berdakin and EarthLink founder Sky Dayton in 2015, Travis Kalanick, cofounder of Uber, bought control of the company in 2018. CloudKitchens offers food preparation facilities for delivery-only food service - with a focus on providing high quality spaces at affordable prices.

The first CloudKitchens warehouse opened in Los Angeles, California but since it's founding the company has opened kitchens across North America and Europe.

The Challenge

As the world’s largest provider of dark kitchens, CK needed a simple, effective and reliable connectivity solution with a dedicated, multi-lingual support team to help their restaurant partners meet a growing demand for take-away meals.​

As with all last mile providers, connectivity is critical to business operations. Failure to provide a good service would see orders lost, consumers disappointed and tenants look elsewhere.​

Before our partnership, Cloud Kitchens had a single, unsecured network across all kitchens. Very little support was offered by the incumbent provider, with no service desk, poor response times and a low availability of engineers. Critically, support didn’t cover Cloud Kitchens’ working hours (8am to midnight) either.​

Our Solution

NCG now provides Cloud Kitchens with stable and secure connectivity services across 1,000s of dark kitchens in UK and Europe, underpinning their entire business model. Our service stays running through the toughest of circumstances, with a dedicated account management and support team on hand when any issue arises. ​

Cloud Kitchens is also able to recoup the costs of its connectivity investment via a standard service charge – with additional services and support available to kitchens where needed.​

Finally, NCG provides IOT fridge/freezer monitoring, hardware support and smart CCTV to provide Cloud Kitchens with additional insight and control over their assets.  ​

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