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Aggregating Multiple IoT Data Sources for Derwent London

Understanding how their offices are being used is core to Derwent's business model. The best way to do that is through the use of IoT sensors and technology.
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NCG has become our key supplier for sensors and the physical side of our intelligent building projects. The physical infrastructure combined with the NCG Nexus data integration platform allows us to consume data at a portfolio level giving powerful insights into our occupier experience for years to come.

Michael​ Simons

Digital & Innovation Advisor

The Client

Derwent London is the largest central London focused REIT with an investment portfolio totalling over 5.4 million sq ft and is worth £5.4 billion. Derwent London is one of London’s most innovative office specialist property regenerators and investors and is well known for its design-led philosophy and creative management approach to development. Their spaces attract creative and modern businesses from all industries and they pride themselves on staying at the forefront of user experience.

The Challenge

The COVID 19 pandemic presented unprecedented new challenges for the real estate market - particularly for workspace providers like Derwent London. The business had to quickly adapt to a range of new health and safety regulations, social distancing requirements and changing occupancy levels. In order to make people feel safe again in the office, wellbeing metrics and indoor air quality became a top priority.

Accessing actionable building data was going to be vital to navigating this challenging new environment, as well as preparing an effective ‘return to work’ strategy as restrictions started to ease. Derwent also needed a service that would work with their existing traditional occupier services, not against them.

Our Solution

We deployed a range of IoT data collection tools across their spaces such as car parking sensors to understand current usage and availability, desk and meeting room occupancy sensors to monitor the return to work, people counting sensors to understand overall building utilisation and indoor air quality sensors to start targeting AirRated Certification.

We also provided Derwent with Nexus. This allowed data collected across multiple sites including Savile Row and White Collar Factory to be scrubbed and aggregated into one system. This provided Derwent with a truly accurate, single pane of glass view across its entire portfolio. All of this means Derwent is truly a tech-enabled, data led and forward-thinking office provider.

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