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Connectivity and Technology for Flex Start-Up Co-Space

Growing a flexible office business during a pandemic wasn't going to be easy but NCG helped Co-Space to keep costs down and service levels high.
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NCG’s flexibility, and ability to adapt to our ever-changing needs, has been pivotal to our success to date and continued success as we expand and grow.

Will Stokes


The Client

Founded in 2017, co-working and flexible office start-up Co-Space, launched its first site in Reading just before the start of the pandemic. Their core business revolves around providing meticulously designed office spaces and customer service to ensure their occupants are brilliantly served. From rich colour palettes that enhance creativity, focus and productivity; to the plush fabrics that adorn their furnishings, everything is ergonomically designed so their occupants and their businesses can thrive.

The Challenge

Whilst young, Co-Space has big goals. With ambitious expansion plans, the pressure was on for the first space to set the tone for customer excellence. Providing fast, secure and reliable connectivity to occupiers was a particular priority as their businesses are predominantly digital-first. Ensuring that they stay online and productive is their top priority.

A few months after opening, as the pandemic struck, Co-Space needed a flexible, collaborative and supportive approach from its service providers. Partnering with NCG was key to helping the business navigate the challenging and changing circumstances.

Our Solution

We provided Co-Space with a connectivity product designed specifically for them and their business needs. Our package provided the business with flexible, low-cost connectivity services and minimal operational costs until occupiers moved in. This helped to ensure that no large costs were incurred on empty offices. This was especially important once the pandemic began to bite. We were also able to help them by implementing different pricing and terms for each location, depending on the funding structure and with input from local councils. This ensured that they did not have to limit their pandemic-related expansion and could keep growing at pace.

We also helped them to create customer packages that helped Co-Space monetise various other services to their occupiers. This included smart workplace tools, audio visual and telephony. NCG’s flexibility has helped underpin Co-Space’s strong growth in 2021, with a second site launching in Stevenage and a further three sites opening shortly.

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