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Prepare your units for the digital future.

Connect your multi-let industrial units with high quality and reliable internet and WiFi, keep your tenants safe with smart security systems and monitor your energy usage with real-time sensor analytics.
A cartoon of chefs in a kitchen with connectivity

Generate more revenue.

By providing connectivity to your tenants, you are unlocking a number of different digital product and service revenue streams whilst improving security.

Reduce tenant churn

Directly monetise your infrastructure and reduce tenant turnover through fibre connectivity.

Quicker move-in times

With connectivity already in place, occupiers are free to move in as soon as they are ready.
"They took time to understand the needs of our business and make informed recommendations that gave us what we needed. They diligently delivered on the installation."
Mission Kitchen
Chris Lumsden
Co-Founder, Mission Kitchen

Improve security and sustainability.

Use smart, remote security and access control systems and real-time energy monitoring to ensure your space is secure and sustainable for years to come.

Digital access and CCTV

With state of the art access control as well as smart CCTV, you can keep tenants safe and reduce crime.

Live energy consumption

IoT-based energy sensors as well as integrations with smart meters ensure you are keeping up with real usage.
A cartoon of a warehouse building connected to two data centres
"The physical infrastructure combined with the NCG Nexus data integration platform allows us to consume data at a portfolio level giving powerful insights into our occupier experience for years to come."
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Michael Simons
Digital & Innovation Advisor

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