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Smart Building Technologies for Colliers IPM Sites

Colliers wanted to make sure people felt safe coming back to the office - so we deployed technology to help them do that.
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The Network Control Group have quickly become a reliable trusted supplier of Connectivity, Occupancy, Thermal & Air Quality Solutions to Colliers. Colliers would highly recommend working with such a reliable, professional outfit.

Michael Crawford

Head of Technology

The Client

Colliers’ Property Management delivers a data-led, customer-centric property management model where the clients receive the same high quality service whether they are small, medium or large, in every location. They rely on their ability to innovate rapidly to market changes through Technology, ESG, Customer Experience and Data. Innovation and continuous improvement are at the heart of everything they do.

The Challenge

As the pandemic began to subside and businesses were debating a return to the office - Colliers looked to deploy a variety of technologies to encourage people to return to their offices. They wanted to reduce building vacancies and maximise the value of its assets under management long term.

They struggled, however, to find the right fit technologically as they had a variety of specific challenges that related to their business. As they were the managing agents, they had tight budgets with a lot of PropTech market noise which was making it difficult to find scalable technology platforms. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic also didn't help as they needed their technology platform to remain flexible.

Our Solution

We worked with Colliers to provide them with a full and flexible system that worked to give their tenants confidence in returning to the office. We rolled out thermal heat detection cameras and indoor air quality monitoring solutions across a number of their key assets to mitigate against the risks of Covid. Their core goal with these technologies was ultimately to improve the health and wellbeing of building occupiers, and ensuring buildings were COVID-secure.

As a result of these early deployments, two of their properties (Marlow International and 1 Bartholomew Lane) are now actively working towards a RESET Air Core & Shell cetification. This further helps to prove their commitment to occupier wellbeing in the longterm. NCG’s connectivity solution has also been deployed across multiple office sites, allowing occupiers to tap into the landlord infrastructure and take advantage of quick move-in times and fast, reliable connectivity.

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