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A Full Digital Tech Stack Deployed for NewFlex & Bold

With aggressive expansion plans, Newable and Bold needed a partner that could provide the entire tech stack from connectivity to AV and security - and integrate it all together seamlessly. They turned to NCG to do that.
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With our desire to offer a more flexible and intelligent space, NCG were a natural partner. Their ability to provide connectivity, access control, AV and software customisation whilst integrating it all together has been crucial to our launch at Bauhaus.

Caleb Parker

Founder & Director, Bold

The Client

Newflex operates a flexible office provider - Bold - that specialises in empowering entrepreneurs to create and succeed. They pride themselves on providing beautiful spaces in the right locations, that can be booked by the hour, day, or longer and look and feel inspiring, tech that works and with no distractions! The spaces that Bold create are creative environments designed to inspire innovative thinking and collaboration, while maintaining a healthy balance between private meetings and flexible working.

The Challenge

NewFlex & Bold were looking to start expanding aggressively throughout the UK and Europe and needed a technology provider to be the ‘glue’ between the various components of their flexible tech stack. With growing scale and complexity, they needed a fully integrated system that would enable them to benefit from scale, whilst giving them the granularity to address individual site issues. NCG needed to provide them with technology that enabled them to operate forward-thinking, customer-first spaces across the UK, including at their flagship site at 22 Bishopsgate.

Our Solution

NCG provide NewFlex with the connectivity infrastructure to underpin all new locations, as well as the digital space management software, integrated access control and audio-visual technologies to enable the smooth operation of those spaces. NCG is also layering IoT data collection tools, such as occupancy and air quality monitoring, on top of this base infrastructure to provide better insights into space utilisation, design and air quality as well as preventing revenue leakage, meeting no-shows etc.

Integral to the NewFlex tech stack is the deployment of Nexudus, a digital space management platform, customised, managed and supported by the NCG experts. Key functionalities include a white-labelled mobile app and member’s portal, CRM and inventory functionalities as well as integrated booking functionality.

NCG have a highly experienced team of engineers, consultants and data experts who understand the intricacies of the flex sector and provide consulting services to ensure our clients’ tech stack is deployed in line with their specific business processes.

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