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Understanding their head office with Savills​

Savills were looking for technology that could help them better understand occupancy and improve their employee's office experience.
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A unified view of occupancy across the entire office provides a completely new way of looking at the space and helps to optimise everything from desk layouts to air conditioning usage.

The Client

Founded in the UK in 1855, Savills is one of the world’s biggest property agents. For over 160 years, they’ve offered property services and expert advice to clients, helping them with their property decisions and ambitions. These services range from local estate agents to international property consulting.

With their focus on helping their clients with property issues, they also look to trial and innovate internally to ensure that they can provide the best advice. This includes trialing new technologies and building materials in their own offices.

The Challenge

Savills came to NCG with a problem. They wanted to understand how much of their 5 floor head quarters was being used in order to bring in a new hybrid way of working alongside a brand new office design. With an 18 month plan, they wanted to ensure that they got a truly accurate picture of their workspace. To do this, they needed to make sure that this would be feasible with their current occupancy level patterns across the week. ​

Savills also understood the value in demonstrating that they were a tech-enabled, forward thinking employer. They wanted to ensure their employees got what they wanted in terms of flexible working, more collaborative ways of working and improved meeting rooms. ​

Our Solution

NCG provided Savills with a complete suite of tools in order to understand occupancy and improve user experiences. Our desk, room and wellbeing sensors were deployed throughout the space with all of that data being delivered live into a single error-checked database. With that database, we built out a series of reports that aligned with Savills key metrics. This provided them with a high level and granular data stream directly to key stakeholders enabling better and faster decision making. With deployment taking under a month and data available within 2 weeks of deployment, the team at Savills were able to begin making changes almost immediately.​

With flexible pricing, an ability to deliver quickly and with pre-built tools to enable bespoke reporting, NCG was able to deliver for Savills on all key objectives. Savills have already been able to make changes to their space, with an entire floor being refurbished into a ‘new way of working’ space with our sensors helping them to judge the value of the refurbishment.​

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