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Is fixing your indoor air quality worth the cost?

The quality of our air has been an issue of concern for at least thepast two hundred years - from the famous smog of London to themodern struggles of Beijing. The effects of air pollutants on humansare well known at this point - causing respiratory illnesses likeasthma, cardiovascular disease, and lung cancer1. An evolution hashappened as the world began to take the quality of our air outdoorsmore seriously, concerns have slowly risen over the spaces we inhabitmost frequently - our homes and our places of work.

As the world starts to get back to the office, the issue of indoor airquality is once again coming into prominence. With COVID-19highlighting just how vulnerable we are to our surroundings,employees and businesses alike have looked at quick and easysolutions to resolving concerns about air quality. Most have resortedto simply increasing existing ventilation rates (if a ventilation systemexisted already) - but in a world conscious of its environmentalimpact, this is not a permanent solution. The best and only solution topoor indoor air quality is monitoring and reacting in real-time. Withthis approach comes a host of benefits for businesses big and small.

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Is fixing your indoor air quality worth the cost?